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Leavey School of Business has raised $ 126,725 from 285 gifts!
Leavey School of Business
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At the Leavey School of Business, our mission is to develop students that know how to engage with, and shape, Silicon Valley. Our programs emphasize ethical development, and our rich partnerships with local employers create the ideal environment of a cutting-edge, networked, and dynamic learning experience.

Santa Clara students have a distinct advantage:

  • Place - SCU is at the center of the most innovative commercial region in the world– Silicon Valley. Our location allows for students to explore the elements of business success in exciting areas like technology, business analytics and real estate development.
  • Purpose - We make it our purpose to develop business leaders who can make conscientious business decisions. Our students learn to balance the economic, social and ethical consequences of their decisions.
  • Passion - We are passionate about innovation and excellence. Not only that, we are passionate about bringing an approach to education that pushes our students beyond innovation – into areas that combine ingenuity with values-based risk taking.
  • People -The community within the Leavey School of Business differentiates us above all. The faculty includes renowned scholars who are also celebrated teachers and our alumni include leaders from all across Silicon Valley.  At the end of our students’ tenure, they graduate into a network of alumni that will further their career and make them proud to be a Bronco.

Your gift helps us turn our students’ ambition, enthusiasm and optimism into action that will make a real difference in our community and around the world.



Total Dollars Raised
Total Dollars Raised
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $623,539.00
2 Markkula Center for Applied Ethics $275,064.09
3 Other $263,559.25
4 Santa Clara Fund $207,315.01
5 Leavey School of Business $126,725.00
6 Jesuit School of Theology $104,000.00
7 Club Sports $83,565.00
8 College of Arts and Sciences $74,010.10
9 School of Engineering $48,425.19
10 Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education $40,018.40
11 Fr. Coz Scholarship $35,938.99
12 Alumni Family Scholarship Fund $28,468.00
13 Campus Ministry $23,615.00
14 School of Law $19,770.17
15 Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship $16,560.34
16 Malley Center $12,114.15
17 Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives $11,850.41
18 Education & Counseling Psychology $5,995.23
19 de Saisset Museum $5,352.00
20 University Library $4,851.00
21 LEAD Scholars Program $4,560.00
22 Northern California Innocence Project $4,510.00
23 Catala Club $4,435.00
24 Student Organizations $4,265.00
25 OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute $3,335.00
26 LA Catholic High School Scholarship $2,100.00
27 Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center $1,610.00
Total Number of Gifts
Total Number of Gifts
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 1,810
2 Santa Clara Fund 568
3 Other 555
4 Club Sports 436
5 College of Arts and Sciences 339
6 Leavey School of Business 285
7 School of Engineering 222
8 Fr. Coz Scholarship 182
9 Alumni Family Scholarship Fund 179
10 Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives 158
11 Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education 133
12 Markkula Center for Applied Ethics 130
13 Malley Center 122
14 Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship 121
15 Campus Ministry 93
16 School of Law 90
17 LEAD Scholars Program 63
18 Student Organizations 57
19 Education & Counseling Psychology 48
20 Catala Club 41
21 de Saisset Museum 32
22 Jesuit School of Theology 30
23 University Library 30
24 Northern California Innocence Project 30
25 OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute 28
26 Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center 20
27 LA Catholic High School Scholarship 16
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