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Club Baseball Team

This year is the first ever season of Club Baseball at SCU, and so far it has been a huge success! We had over 70 interested members, from which we formed our travel squad which is composed of a super talented group of five first years, six sophomores, eight juniors and one senior. As a team, we compete in the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) and play against other universities from across the country. Our conference is composed of Stanford, Saint Mary’s, Sac State, USF, and Cal Poly Humboldt, and we will have the opportunity to compete at the national level for playoffs. Our team’s conference schedule games began in February and will last through April, with the regional playoffs in Nevada and World Series in Illinois occurring in May. Given that it is our first year as a club team, there are significant start-up costs associated with running our team. Your support and donations will help us continue the success of our program by allowing us to purchase higher quality equipment and uniforms, help students who are in financial need, and pay for field rentals and travel expenses. With your support, we are excited to continue our team growth and hopefully compete for a national championship!

“In its inaugural year, SCU Club Baseball has provided all of us with an opportunity to build something meaningful that will continue long after the current players graduate. We are building a culture of winning and brotherhood, and intend to leave SCU with a program that will be competitive for regional and national titles every year. Support for Club Baseball means the world to us and will go a long way to help us achieve this goal.” - Jimmy Andre, '25

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Rank Department Raised
1 The Transformative Scholarship Challenge $1,700,000.00
2 Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship $1,433,060.00
3 Athletics $891,270.88
4 School of Law $554,750.75
5 School of Engineering $356,847.00
Total Number of Gifts
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Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 1,841
2 School of Engineering 518
3 Club Sports 473
4 College of Arts and Sciences 458
5 Student Clubs (Chartered & Registered Student Organizations) 357
Club Sports Total Dollars Raised
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Rank Department Raised
1 Men's Rugby $60,681.69
2 Men's Lacrosse $30,347.00
3 Men's Ultimate Frisbee $10,556.90
4 Women's Club Volleyball $9,190.00
5 Women's Club Soccer Team $8,215.00
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Rank Department Gifts
1 Men's Rugby 356
2 Men's Lacrosse 112
3 Men's Club Soccer Team 41
4 Club Baseball Team 39
5 Men's Ultimate Frisbee 36
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