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Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries

SCU's Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries (GPPM) has an integral role in shaping the future of the church and serving those in need. The GPPM offers an MA in Pastoral Ministries and a graduate certificate in Restorative Justice and Chaplaincy. These programs cultivate the skills, knowledge, and spirituality of leaders and ministers who serve on the ground in parishes, schools, prisons, and other communities. By supporting the GPPM, you're supporting scholarships and programs for students across and beyond the state of California, as well as public initiatives for spiritual and ministerial enrichment sponsored by the Markey Center for Leadership and Ministry. 

"My time in the GPPM was extremely formative and fruitful, especially as I sought to further deepen the ministry work I am a part of. I was challenged in ways that expanded my view of what Church is and what Church can really be. I was moved to take what I was learning and engaging with in the classroom into my ministry. I was accompanied by the faculty/staff and my peers to understand the gift of community and belonging in the work we get to do. And most importantly, I was further inspired and reminded of my vocational calling to enliven the spirit in our midst as we seek to fight for justice, love, and peace in each other and in our world."

- Kenny Van Tillburg, MA '16


"I am so grateful to the GPPM for the opportunity to learn more about my own strengths and areas of growth as a minister in all the spaces I find myself in. As a restorative justice practitioner, I have been able to deepen my call to this ministry, while learning more about criminal justice as well. I am so grateful for the ways the courses through the GPPM have shaped my chaplaincy practice in our local correctional facilities. Thank you so much to the GPPM and its inspiring instructors!"

-Crystal Catalan, MA '22

“A remote, cohort-based opportunity to study theology, and ministry practices through a social justice lens was exactly what I was seeking, and the GPPM community at Santa Clara University gave me that opportunity and more. I was asked to ponder how we, as leaders, forge a better, deeper, and more holistic connection to each other, creation, and to ourselves. I’ve learned that seeing the divine in ourselves, and using that to help others, is something leaders should prioritize as we live and work in a very fragmented, and polarized world.”

 -Nathan Sheets, MA ’21

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