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Kids on Campus

Kids on Campus are Learning Through Play

 Every Day! 

Since our return after the COVID-19 shutdown, the dedicated staff at Kids on Campus have focused on our outdoor environment and learning opportunities on the playground. Not only is the outdoors good for health and wellness but it is also the best environment to invite new contexts for learning. Through outdoor play, children can learn about science, math, and other subjects in a meaningful and engaging way. They learn to take risks, collaborate with others, and improve language and sensory skills. This year, our focus for Day of Giving is to add some new challenges to our outdoor space and replace some much loved items. 

Our kids play hard and some of our favorite things are showing signs of wear beyond repair so our goal this year is to update and replace important outdoor play equipment, including a new sensory/water table for the garden, double passenger bikes, rocking boat/stairs, and large building blocks. With your help on this Day of Giving, the KOC kids will thrive with new outdoor equipment!

Kids on Campus is a non-profit child development center that serves children between the ages of ten weeks and six years of age. We strive to provide high-quality early care and educational experiences for the children and families associated with Santa Clara University. We promote self-reliance, creativity, respect for the rights of others, and positive self-esteem for each child.


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