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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Santa Clara University's Professional Aerospace Organization

Here at AIAA, we are shaping the future of aerospace through networking, professional development, competitions, and outreach. AIAA provides a professional organization for students across Santa Clara University to explore and pursue aerospace interests, careers, and involvement opportunities. Our organization is proud to offer guest speaker events, tours of aerospace facilities, networking opportunities, and professional development opportunities to our members. There is a rich history of aerospace here at Santa Clara University, beginning around the birth of aviation in the early 1900s when SCU professor John J. Montgomery explored early flying machines in the area surrounding our university. Chartered in 1989, our organization has been proud to continue to explore aerospace in Santa Clara with the goal of shaping the future of aerospace.

This year, our organization is hosting all of Region VI of AIAA (the whole west region of AIAA) at Santa Clara University for a student conference on March 23 and 24, 2024. We will be offering workshops, networking events, guest speakers, industry presentations, a career fair, research presentations, and more for students and professionals alike to attend. Our branch is bringing Santa Clara back to the forefront of aerospace through this event, which will bring together some of the brightest young minds in aerospace engineering together with professionals in industry to exchange ideas and help shape the future of our industry.

By donating to AIAA, you are helping us to grow student involvement in all things aerospace: networking, research, national competitions, technical workshops, tours, outreach, and more. Our organization offers a space for students of all backgrounds and majors to come together and share in a cause much greater than ourselves, since aerospace is a constantly growing field with limitless applications. With your help we can continue to grow as an organization, collaborate more with other university branches of AIAA to be at the forefront of sustaining a community of aerospace engineers and enthusiasts in Silicon Valley, and to host more events for our members and greater community. At AIAA, we have a great passion for what we do, and with your gifts we hope to better prepare the future leaders of aerospace to blast off into their personal careers.

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