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Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union (APSU)

Promoting Unity and Fellowship Among SCU's AAPI Students

The Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union was created to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the diversity of AAPI identities, heritages, and cultures. Our events and meetings aim to provide a safe space for AAPI students as well as teaching about AAPI culture for anyone interested in learning. We currently have over 150 general members who attend our weekly general meetings as well as the various social and educational events we put on each quarter. 

As a multicultural club, APSU seeks to promote unity and solidarity on the SCU campus. We do this through the events planned by our amazing board members, which includes APSU Night Market. Night Market is the largest cultural event held by students on campus each year styled in a similar fashion to traditional Taiwanese outdoor markets. This event hosts all the clubs from the Multicultural Center and allows them to showcase their own cultural food and drink. It’s a night to raise cultural awareness on our campus and we’re very proud to be able to plan and host it each year. 

We are participating in Day of Giving so we can continue hosting amazing events like Night Market that promote awareness of AAPI culture and we thank you for your support!

-APSU Board

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1 Real Estate Association $11,185.00
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3 Multicultural Center $8,810.00
4 Into the Wild $5,025.00
5 Association of Computing Machinery - Women $3,885.00
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