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Queer People Of Color Association (QPOCA)

Go All In for the Queer People Of Color Association

The Queer People of Color Association at SCU, and we are so excited to be a part of SCU Day of Giving! QPOCA is a student-run organization consisting of QPOC and other allies committed to fostering a community and safe space by and for all queer students of color. This organization is dedicated to celebrating the diverse experiences and unique culture(s) of QPOC and aims to emphasize and bring awareness to how different intersecting identities can affect students' positionalities and experiences both on and off Santa Clara University campus. We achieve this by serving, educating, and building a supportive community through open discussions, activism, and bonding.

Your generosity will allow the Queer People of Color Association to continue building a safe space for our community and nurture the unique QPOC experience of students across SCU’s campus!  

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1 CA 4
2 KS 1
3 AA 0
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Rank Department Raised
1 Real Estate Association $11,185.00
2 Santa Clara Formula SAE $11,025.00
3 Multicultural Center $8,810.00
4 Into the Wild $5,025.00
5 Association of Computing Machinery - Women $3,885.00
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