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Women's Rugby

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Playing on the Women’s Rugby team is an invaluable and formative experience, from the strong community we are a part of to the skills we learn. The lessons we learn through playing rugby - such as resilience, confidence, and perseverance - easily translate off of the field. Our team culture is arguably the most important element of Santa Clara women’s rugby. We consciously work to build trust and support for our teammates on and off the field, which truly makes us a family. We feel inspired to better ourselves for our team, pick each other off the ground, and keep driving forward together. Your donations during Day of Giving will help us reduce the financial barriers for joining our team, replace our worn-out equipment, and help to cover travel expenses. Your contribution will help our rugby family grow and thrive, and continue to shape the lives of the women who join.

“I love the amazing community and found family in Women’s Rugby. I’ve learned perseverance, compassion, and that I’m capable of so much more than my brain tells me I am. I’m endlessly grateful for my teammates and the support we continue to show each other, especially as we teach each other and pick each other up off the ground.” - Mia Smith, '24

Women's Rugby Challenge: An anonymous donor will make a $200 dollar gift to the BRUWS if 50 gifts are made to Women's Rugby during Day of Giving!

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Rank State Gifts
1 CA 14
2 WA 5
3 AE 1
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Rank Department Raised
1 The Transformative Scholarship Challenge $1,700,000.00
2 Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship $1,433,060.00
3 Athletics $891,270.88
4 School of Law $554,750.75
5 School of Engineering $356,847.00
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1 Athletics 1,841
2 School of Engineering 518
3 Club Sports 473
4 College of Arts and Sciences 458
5 Student Clubs (Chartered & Registered Student Organizations) 357
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Rank Department Raised
1 Men's Rugby $60,681.69
2 Men's Lacrosse $30,347.00
3 Men's Ultimate Frisbee $10,556.90
4 Women's Club Volleyball $9,190.00
5 Women's Club Soccer Team $8,215.00
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Rank Department Gifts
1 Men's Rugby 356
2 Men's Lacrosse 112
3 Men's Club Soccer Team 41
4 Club Baseball Team 39
5 Men's Ultimate Frisbee 36
Women's Rugby Challenge
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