Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship
Invest in impact through the Global Social Benefit Fellowship

The Global Social Benefit Fellowship at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship provides Santa Clara University students opportunities to learn and work on the front lines of poverty eradication and sustainable development.


Each year, 18 Global Social Benefit Fellows contribute to the social enterprise movement through practical field-based projects and 111 students have completed the fellowship since 2012. This past summer, fellows conducted research for their projects in Ghana, India, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia.


The result of these hands-on experiences is that fellows learn to articulate their own values and how they can create entrepreneurial solutions to the needs of society.


"The fellowship was the most defining and influencing experience of my time at Santa Clara. Not only did it jumpstart my early career and open up opportunities, but the fellowship instilled a sense of purpose and commitment to social impact in all of my endeavors.” 

- Ashley Armstrong, BS Anthropology and Economics;  

SCU Valedictorian 2013 



This year we are launching the Women’s Leadership Fund for the fellowship. The fund will provide support to female fellows working with women-led or women-serving social enterprises in 2019. By giving to this fund, you can see the direct results of your generosity -- we will send you their action research portfolio at the end of this calendar year.


Only Miller Center is able to create opportunities for such powerful learning experiences for students. Our GSBI® accelerator programs have served more than 1,000 social enterprises. These social enterprises constitute a world-class educational resource for the fellowship.


Will you join us as we provide transformative learning experiences with your investment in Miller Center today?

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