Kids on Campus


Veronica: “I love to learn to draw my whole family.”

Valerie: “I like learning about outer space.”

Nate: “I like learning about how people build stuff outside.”

Lucia K: “I want to learn how to climb higher on the dome.”

Victoria: “I like to learn about being a doctor.”

Edward: “I like to learn about cars that go really fast.”

Oliver D: “I like to learn how to draw walruses.”

Addison: "I like to learn about ice.”

Sadie-Janelle: “I like learning how to be strong.”

Lena: “I like to learn about painting and eating and about napkins.”


Invest in the future of Baby Broncos

Every child at Kids on Campus has a different answer to what they like learning about the most. KOC offers a hands-on, child-initiated approach to early childhood education that gives children a wide array of activities which reflect their interests. Thanks to the generosity of donors during last year’s Day of Giving, we were able to offer even more:

  • New classroom accessories: Carpets to allow for comfort and safety; large, fluffy pillows for a reading loft; and high-quality wooden tables and chairs.
  • Natural logs and fiberglass boulders in an expanded sand area that provides an engaging environment to explore earth and physical science, as well as develop social skills.
  • Indoor and outdoor large building blocks that teach math skills, science skills, and construction and engineering concepts such as stacking, balance and bracing.
  • Resurfacing of the preschool play-yard asphalt that will provide a much-needed space for soccer, basketball, hockey, and other physical activities. 

This year’s contributions will help us redesign and improve the sand area, wooden structure, and garden, and purchase more STEM equipment to bolster our emphasis on exploration and discovery.


Kids on Campus is a non-profit child development center that serves children between the ages of six weeks and six years of age. We strive to provide high-quality early care and educational experiences for the children and families associated with Santa Clara University. We promote self-reliance, creativity, respect for the rights of others, and positive self-esteem for each child.



Bronco Nation Location Nation
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 219
2 HI 6
3 CT 5
Total Number of Gifts
Total number of gifts by a participating group
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 1,873
2 Santa Clara Fund 623
3 Men's Rugby 334
4 College of Arts and Sciences 333
5 Leavey School of Business 286
6 Kids on Campus 272
7 Center for Sustainability 240
8 School of Engineering 236
9 Campus Recreation and Club Sports 217
10 Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education 171
11 Alumni Family Scholarship Program 150
12 Other 148
13 Markkula Center for Applied Ethics 142
14 Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship 123
15 LEAD Scholars Program 99
16 Catala Club 98
17 Campus Ministry 83
18 Bronco Bench Foundation 81
19 Fr. Coz Scholarship 81
20 Student Life & Student Organizations 59
21 Jesuit School of Theology 58
22 Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives 48
23 OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute 37
24 Education & Counseling Psychology 36
25 Northern California Innocence Project 31
26 Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center 30
27 de Saisset Museum 29
28 School of Law 26
29 Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation 25
30 University Library 24
31 SCU Presents 0
Total Dollars Raised
Total dollars raised by a participating group
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $388,042.56
2 Leavey School of Business $252,463.83
3 Santa Clara Fund $152,279.57
4 Other $113,741.48
5 Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education $101,006.00
6 College of Arts and Sciences $94,280.12
7 Markkula Center for Applied Ethics $66,210.80
8 Men's Rugby $52,145.10
9 Jesuit School of Theology $45,620.00
10 Catala Club $43,295.00
11 School of Engineering $41,087.50
12 Bronco Bench Foundation $37,678.20
13 Campus Recreation and Club Sports $37,615.00
14 Fr. Coz Scholarship $31,618.00
15 Alumni Family Scholarship Program $25,091.00
16 Center for Sustainability $22,268.34
17 Education & Counseling Psychology $21,940.00
18 Northern California Innocence Project $18,925.83
19 Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship $18,453.00
20 Kids on Campus $11,743.00
21 LEAD Scholars Program $10,650.00
22 Student Life & Student Organizations $9,960.00
23 Campus Ministry $9,340.70
24 School of Law $7,140.00
25 Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation $6,081.25
26 University Library $4,850.14
27 Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center $4,505.00
28 OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute $4,250.00
29 de Saisset Museum $3,845.00
30 Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives $3,540.00
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