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When it was announced last spring that Father Engh would be leaving Santa Clara University after this school year, “the lovely ladies of the Catala Club” were quite sad.  While we were happy for him to move to a new chapter of leadership in the Jesuit Community, we will miss him dearly.


A gift to the new Santa Clara University Catala Club Michael E. Engh, S.J., Endowed Scholarship will recognize the important part Father Engh has played in the Club’s recognition in the community. His generous involvement has given the Club better opportunities to continue its mission of raising scholarship funds for SCU students. Your donation will also enhance the number of scholarship opportunities already offered to Broncos. 


Last year, Catala Club awarded 30 scholarships totaling $708,590. Let’s continue to make a difference for our Broncos!


Who are Catala Club members?

Catala Club members are women of all ages who care about Santa Clara University education and want to support deserving students who show the University that they are compassionate, competent and caring. We gladly give of our time and energy to raise funds for scholarships and foster SCU spirit throughout our community with our events and activities.


Bronco Nation Donation Location
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 42
2 TX 1
2 CO 1
Total Number of Gifts
Total number of gifts by a participating group
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 1,954
2 Santa Clara Fund 623
3 Men's Rugby 334
4 College of Arts and Sciences 333
5 Leavey School of Business 286
Total Dollars Raised
Total dollars raised by a participating group
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $425,720.76
2 Leavey School of Business $252,463.83
3 Santa Clara Fund $152,279.57
4 Other $113,741.48
5 Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education $101,006.00
Which Alumni Class is All In for SCU
Total amount raised by alumni class year
Undergraduate Class Year (if applicable)
Rank Answer Amount
1 1990 $136,115.00
2 1985 $51,180.00
3 1984 $39,269.00
4 1989 $34,595.00
5 2010 $25,915.10
6 1969 $21,960.00
7 1976 $21,235.00
8 1977 $21,015.00
9 1979 $20,470.00
10 1993 $20,054.00
11 1988 $19,980.00
12 2001 $19,735.00
13 1980 $19,075.00
14 1971 $17,725.00
15 1978 $17,540.00
Calling all Class of 1984 Alumni!
All Class of 1984 alumni who give to any SCU program, center, college, or department, will have their gifts matched by an anonymous classmate, dollar-for-dollar, up to $18,600! Don't forget to enter your class year on the giving page for credit!
$18,600 MATCHED
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