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"Coming into Santa Clara, I had a hard time establishing a social group at school, and was very lonely my first few weeks until I found out about Christian Life Communities. Thanks to my CLC group, I started going to mass again, and looking for more ways that I can grow in my faith further. I want to provide the same opportunity to incoming students to have a group of friends that they can be honest with and depend on." - Liam Cavanaugh, CLC Small Group Leader '21 

Students are transformed through their involvement with Campus Ministry. Through the lenses of faith and spirituality, they form lifelong friendships and come to deeply know themselves and others. Here they have permission to pause, take a step back, and put everything they’re learning and doing at SCU into a greater context.


Through your gifts to Campus Giving on this Day of Giving, help students become part of something much bigger than themselves. 

Bronco Nation Donation Location
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 59
2 CO 4
3 WA 3
Total Number of Gifts
Total number of gifts by a participating group
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 1,954
2 Santa Clara Fund 623
3 Men's Rugby 334
4 College of Arts and Sciences 333
5 Leavey School of Business 286
Total Dollars Raised
Total dollars raised by a participating group
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $425,720.76
2 Leavey School of Business $252,463.83
3 Santa Clara Fund $152,279.57
4 Other $113,741.48
5 Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education $101,006.00
Which Alumni Class is All In for SCU
Total amount raised by alumni class year
Undergraduate Class Year (if applicable)
Rank Answer Amount
1 1990 $136,115.00
2 1985 $51,180.00
3 1984 $39,269.00
4 1989 $34,595.00
5 2010 $25,915.10
6 1969 $21,960.00
7 1976 $21,235.00
8 1977 $21,015.00
9 1979 $20,470.00
10 1993 $20,054.00
11 1988 $19,980.00
12 2001 $19,735.00
13 1980 $19,075.00
14 1971 $17,725.00
15 1978 $17,540.00
Calling all Class of 1984 Alumni!
All Class of 1984 alumni who give to any SCU program, center, college, or department, will have their gifts matched by an anonymous classmate, dollar-for-dollar, up to $18,600! Don't forget to enter your class year on the giving page for credit!
$18,600 MATCHED
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