Center for Sustainability
Contribute to building a more humane, just, and sustainable world

Support one of four funds to enhance sustainability on campus


Campus Sustainability Programs 

Gifts to the Center for Sustainability expand internship opportunities allowing students to catalyze change in areas like sustainable food systems, energy conservation, waste minimization, and urban forestry. Gifts support implementation of SCU's Strategic Sustainability plan to make SCU climate neutral, minimize our environmental footprint, and develop ambassadors for sustainability.


The Climate Neutrality Fund

Gifts to the Climate Neutrality Fund support initiatives to reduce SCU's greenhouse gas emissions. Help us boost SCU’s climate mitigation and adaptation efforts: increase renewable energy generation and expand efforts for carbon neutrality and resiliency planning.


Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG)

Gifts to BUG support hands-on learning experiences for SCU students working in solidarity with marginalized neighborhoods. Help us expand our elementary school garden-based education programs by increasing the number of days K-5th grade, garden-based science programs are offered, supporting our garden clubs at Washington Elementary and Gardner Academy.


The Forge Garden

Gifts to The Forge Garden support sustainable food systems education. Your support helps the Forge develop infrastructure, student apprenticeships, and opportunities to use the garden as a living laboratory. Help us use SCU's 1/2-acre educational garden to engage academic classes, offer workshops, hold events, and host discussions related to our food system.

The Forge Garden showcases innovative small scale agriculture and sustainability by growing and donating fresh food. Help us expand our cooking-related programming!



Bronco Nation Donation Location
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 152
2 WA 18
3 HI 9
Total Number of Gifts
Total number of gifts by a participating group
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 1,954
2 Santa Clara Fund 623
3 Men's Rugby 334
4 College of Arts and Sciences 333
5 Leavey School of Business 286
Total Dollars Raised
Total dollars raised by a participating group
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $425,720.76
2 Leavey School of Business $252,463.83
3 Santa Clara Fund $152,279.57
4 Other $113,741.48
5 Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education $101,006.00
Which Alumni Class is All In for SCU
Total amount raised by alumni class year
Undergraduate Class Year (if applicable)
Rank Answer Amount
1 1990 $136,115.00
2 1985 $51,180.00
3 1984 $39,269.00
4 1989 $34,595.00
5 2010 $25,915.10
6 1969 $21,960.00
7 1976 $21,235.00
8 1977 $21,015.00
9 1979 $20,470.00
10 1993 $20,054.00
11 1988 $19,980.00
12 2001 $19,735.00
13 1980 $19,075.00
14 1971 $17,725.00
15 1978 $17,540.00
Center for Sustainability Challenge
If there are at least 200 gifts made to The Center for Sustainability on the Day of Giving, Dorian Daley and Michael Krautkramer will contribute an additional $50,000 this year.
200 / 200 Gifts
Calling all Class of 1984 Alumni!
All Class of 1984 alumni who give to any SCU program, center, college, or department, will have their gifts matched by an anonymous classmate, dollar-for-dollar, up to $18,600! Don't forget to enter your class year on the giving page for credit!
$18,600 MATCHED
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