Associated Student Government
Committed to addressing the needs of the student body

As the recognized central student organization, the Associated Student Government of Santa Clara University will facilitate campus collaboration and will promote the interest of students to further cultivate an engaged and conscientious community of students.


Gifts towards our organization would allow for more funding for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) for which ASG oversees the budget and approval. Additionally, gifts towards ASG would help us to bring new traditions to campus and strengthen longstanding ones via the Spirit and Traditions chair, a member of the Community Development division of the executive branch. It would also allow for an increased budget for ad-hoc committees such as the Bridging the Gap committee which aims to improve productive discourse and dialogue between opposing political ideologies.



ASG consists of three branches: judicial, legislative, and executive. The legislative body consists of 29 elected and appointed senators who vote on different issues and topics related to the student body. These senators are divided into four committees (Current University Issues Committee, Communications Committee, Student Activities Committee, Facilities and Operations) who work to improve student life as it pertains to their respective areas.


The judicial branch administers justice, promotes responsibility, and safeguards the rights of students, always keeping within the policies and guidelines of the Constitution and Bylaws of ASGSCU. The branch, headed by the Chief Justice, also puts on events for students interested in entering the field of law, often times in collaboration with Santa Clara Law.


The executive branch consists of the Student Body President, Vice President, Senate Chair, Chief Justice, Finance Vice President (and their respective division), Community Development Vice President (and their respective division), and the Public Relations Vice President (and their respective division). The Community Development division works to increase community involvement both for Santa Clara students as well as the surrounding Santa Clara community. Through engaging events on and off campus such as Bronco Week, volunteering opportunities such as Red Cup Pick-Up, and additional initiatives to promote dialogue, Community Development aims to increase involvement with local community members and groups.





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Rank State Donors
1 CA 7
2 WA 2
3 ID 1
FINAL COUNTDOWN: 5000 gifts challenge for $25K
If we receive 5000 gifts before midnight, an alumna from the Class of 1989 will contribute $25K to the Santa Clara Fund.
5,000 / 5,000 Gifts
Early Riser
Congratulations to Kara H. '17 for winning the Early Riser Challenge! Kara has chosen Women's Ultimate to receive an additional $500.
111th at 11
Congratulations to Angela S, parent of a 2013 grad, for winning the 111 at 11:00 Challenge. Angela has chosen the Ignatian Center to receive an additional $500.
Picnic Basket
Congratulations to Justin O, Class of '18, for winning the Picnic Basket Challenge! Justin has chosen the Fr Coz Endowed Scholarship to receive an additional $500 in support.
Grill and Chill
Congratulations to Serena C, Class of '16 for winning the Grill and Chill Challenge! Serena has chosen the Miller Center GSBI Fund to receive an additional $500 in support.
18th for ’18
The 18th donor from the class of 2018 to make a gift between 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Winner chooses program/unit/area to receive $500 gift
It’s 5 o’clock...somewhere
Congratulations to Jenny Y, Class of '14 for winning the It's 5 o'clock...somewhere Challenge! Jenny has chosen the Mechanical Engineering Department to receive an additional $500 in support.
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