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SCU understands climate change is human-caused, it’s happening now, and it’s already affecting many of us, especially the underserved. SCU has a bold climate commitment and is a member of the We Are Still In initiative - we stand by the Paris Climate Agreement and are committed to meeting its goals. Thank you so much for going all in for a Sustainable SCU; you are part of a worldwide turning point in history.


Your support helps the Center for Sustainability empower SCU students, employees, engaged alumni and community members understand their role in building a resilient, regenerative world. Our goal is for the entire Bronco family to be ambassadors for sustainability - equipped with knowledge, skills, and desire to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world.


Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG)
Bronco Urban Gardens (BUG) is a food justice outreach initiative that works in solidarity with marginalized neighborhoods, to support their urban garden projects and spaces and to create hands-on learning experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds, including SCU students.


Gifts to Bronco Urban Gardens support these key initiatives:

  • Build out the Gardner Academy garden space and programming.

    • Create sensory garden for early learners

    • Increase the number of days K-5 Garden-based science program is offered

  • Support Garden Clubs at Washington and Gardner to increase number of days each week our school enrichment is provided for youth.

  • Develop BUG Internship program for SCU students interested in public health, early education, human services and environmental education.

The Forge Garden
The Forge Garden is a 1/2-acre, educational garden and SCU’s hub for sustainable food systems education and works with all academic departments across the University to engage in interdisciplinary discussions and workshops related to our food system and beyond.


Gifts to The Forge Garden support these key initiatives:

  • Develop The Forge Garden’s outdoor kitchen by purchasing supplies and materials including a commercial refrigerator.

  • Develop rainwater harvesting systems to reduce water needs at the garden.

(An inch of rain puts about 600 gallons of water atop a 1,000-square-foot roof.)

  • Provide funds for student internships and other student engagement opportunities.

The Center for Sustainability (campus sustainability)
Programs of the Center for Sustainability help the University achieve climate neutrality, foster mindful consumption practices, strengthen a campus culture of sustainability, and utilize the campus as a living laboratory for developing global solutions.


Gifts to the Center for Sustainability support these key initiatives:

  • Boost SCU’s climate mitigation and adaptation efforts: increase renewable energy generation and expand efforts for carbon neutrality and resiliency planning.

  • Expand student internship opportunities allowing students to catalyze change in areas like sustainable food systems, carbon neutrality, waste minimization, urban forestry.

Center for Sustainability $3K Challenge
If there are at least 75 gifts made to the Center for Sustainability on the Day of Giving, an anonymous donor will contribute an additional $3,000 to the Forge Garden this year.
75 / 75 Gifts
FINAL COUNTDOWN: 5000 gifts challenge for $25K
If we receive 5000 gifts before midnight, an alumna from the Class of 1989 will contribute $25K to the Santa Clara Fund.
5,000 / 5,000 Gifts
Early Riser
Congratulations to Kara H. '17 for winning the Early Riser Challenge! Kara has chosen Women's Ultimate to receive an additional $500.
111th at 11
Congratulations to Angela S, parent of a 2013 grad, for winning the 111 at 11:00 Challenge. Angela has chosen the Ignatian Center to receive an additional $500.
Picnic Basket
Congratulations to Justin O, Class of '18, for winning the Picnic Basket Challenge! Justin has chosen the Fr Coz Endowed Scholarship to receive an additional $500 in support.
Grill and Chill
Congratulations to Serena C, Class of '16 for winning the Grill and Chill Challenge! Serena has chosen the Miller Center GSBI Fund to receive an additional $500 in support.
18th for ’18
The 18th donor from the class of 2018 to make a gift between 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Winner chooses program/unit/area to receive $500 gift
It’s 5 o’clock...somewhere
Congratulations to Jenny Y, Class of '14 for winning the It's 5 o'clock...somewhere Challenge! Jenny has chosen the Mechanical Engineering Department to receive an additional $500 in support.
Total Dollars Raised
Total dollars raised by participating group.
Rank Department Raised
1 Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship $1,025,453.73
2 Athletics $271,872.24
3 Jesuit School of Theology $265,425.00
4 Other $188,187.88
5 School of Law $150,550.00
6 Santa Clara Fund $134,535.51
7 Leavey School of Business $131,978.55
8 College of Arts and Sciences $103,428.72
9 Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation $100,450.00
10 Men's Rugby $67,011.26
11 Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education $61,555.13
12 Fr. Coz Scholarship $50,000.00
13 School of Engineering $44,375.13
14 Markkula Center for Applied Ethics $34,384.00
15 Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center $32,145.00
16 Alumni Family Scholarship Program $30,178.00
17 Club Sports & Campus Recreation $28,890.18
18 Kids on Campus $12,130.00
19 OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute $11,075.00
20 LEAD Scholars Program $10,780.00
21 Center for Sustainability $8,857.13
22 Campus Ministry $7,412.00
23 Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives $6,775.00
24 de Saisset Museum $6,419.00
25 Catala Club $5,630.00
26 Education & Counseling Psychology $5,475.00
27 University Library $5,445.00
28 Student Organizations $4,560.00
29 Northern California Innocence Project $4,025.83
30 Office for Multicultural Learning $380.00
Total Number of Gifts
Total number of gifts by participating group
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 1,734
2 Santa Clara Fund 469
3 College of Arts and Sciences 390
4 Leavey School of Business 357
5 Men's Rugby 316
6 Other 271
7 Kids on Campus 262
8 Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship 212
9 Club Sports & Campus Recreation 194
10 School of Engineering 172
11 Alumni Family Scholarship Program 163
12 Fr. Coz Scholarship 142
13 Markkula Center for Applied Ethics 142
14 Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education 137
15 Center for Sustainability 123
16 LEAD Scholars Program 115
17 School of Law 83
18 Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives 76
19 Campus Ministry 67
20 Jesuit School of Theology 57
21 Catala Club 39
22 Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation 38
23 OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute 33
24 University Library 32
25 Student Organizations 32
26 Northern California Innocence Project 32
27 de Saisset Museum 29
28 Education & Counseling Psychology 27
29 Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center 25
30 Office for Multicultural Learning 11
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