Multicultural Center
Celebrate. Educate. Stand Together.


The MCC provides a community that supports the unique expression and appreciation of the different cultures of people of color through its many student organizations


Through our mission statement, the MCC serves to educate the SCU community about the different cultures present on campus, attract minority students to attend the University, and provide a comfortable setting for those students through club meetings and activities. 


By helping the MCC, you are supporting: 

  • Ten cultural clubs that are housed under the MCC. Each club focuses on a specific culture, creating a comfortable space for students of that culture and an educational space for those who would like to learn more about it. 

  • A commitment to fostering diversity, inclusion, social justice, and empowerment of marginalized communities. 

  • An impact on the Santa Clara University campus through one of the diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Thank you for supporting the Multicultural Center as we continue to serve as a representative for the ethnic communities on campus! 


Rank State Donors
1 CA 21
2 OR 1
2 WA 1
FINAL COUNTDOWN: 5000 gifts challenge for $25K
If we receive 5000 gifts before midnight, an alumna from the Class of 1989 will contribute $25K to the Santa Clara Fund.
5,000 / 5,000 Gifts
Early Riser
Congratulations to Kara H. '17 for winning the Early Riser Challenge! Kara has chosen Women's Ultimate to receive an additional $500.
111th at 11
Congratulations to Angela S, parent of a 2013 grad, for winning the 111 at 11:00 Challenge. Angela has chosen the Ignatian Center to receive an additional $500.
Picnic Basket
Congratulations to Justin O, Class of '18, for winning the Picnic Basket Challenge! Justin has chosen the Fr Coz Endowed Scholarship to receive an additional $500 in support.
Grill and Chill
Congratulations to Serena C, Class of '16 for winning the Grill and Chill Challenge! Serena has chosen the Miller Center GSBI Fund to receive an additional $500 in support.
18th for ’18
The 18th donor from the class of 2018 to make a gift between 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Winner chooses program/unit/area to receive $500 gift
It’s 5 o’clock...somewhere
Congratulations to Jenny Y, Class of '14 for winning the It's 5 o'clock...somewhere Challenge! Jenny has chosen the Mechanical Engineering Department to receive an additional $500 in support.
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