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Invest in the future of Baby Broncos

Everett: “I am going to be a nurse and a KOC teacher and a barber shop hair cutter.”

Sarah: “I am going to be very busy when I grow because I am going to be a mom and an FBI and a KOC teacher.”

Rose R: “I just want to be myself.”


Invest in the future of Baby Broncos 

Kids on Campus’s hands-on, child-initiated approach to early childhood education prepares kids for their future—no matter how ambitious or wide-ranging. And thanks to the generosity of donors during previous Days of Giving, we are able to offer a wider array of activities to reflect their interests:

  • A Pikler Triangle climbing structure for preschoolers to support risk taking and allow children to gain a sense of safety in their physical self.

  • Resurfacing of the preschool play-yard asphalt that provides a much-needed space for soccer, basketball, hockey, and other physical activities. 

  • Natural logs and fiberglass boulders in an expanded sand area that provides an engaging environment to explore earth and physical science, as well as develop social skills.

  • Indoor and outdoor large building blocks that teach math skills, science skills, and construction and engineering concepts such as stacking, balance and bracing.

  • New classroom accessories: Carpets to allow for comfort and safety; large, fluffy pillows for a reading loft; and high-quality wooden tables and chairs.

This year’s contributions will help us build out our STEAM offerings with a music program that will help develop key skills such as communication, collaboration, and creativity. We also hope to purchase a digital microscope to explore invisible germs (there are many at a preschool!), cushioned tiles to replace the grass in the infant play yard, and a permanent shade over the sand area.


"I continue to give to KOC even after my son has graduated because it was such a blessing to our family at a time when we were unsure what we were going to do about childcare. I cried when I got the call! I always felt that the teachers and staff truly loved my son - that is the best thing you can ask for when you drop your child off somewhere, to know they are safe and loved." - Former KOC Parent


"It takes a village to raise a child, and for our family, KOC has been that support network. We have been so grateful for everything KOC has done to nurture and help our child grow. We give back to Kids on Campus because we know that KOC has made the difference for our son in making him a well-rounded, happy individual." - Current KOC Parent


Kids on Campus is a non-profit child development center that serves children between the ages of six weeks and six years of age. We strive to provide high-quality early care and educational experiences for the children and families associated with Santa Clara University. We promote self-reliance, creativity, respect for the rights of others, and positive self-esteem for each child.

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