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“Campus ministry has given me perspective, patience, and peace. I’m grateful for a consistent community where I am comfortable yet challenged to be my most free and authentic self.” - Kat Sanchez 
Christian Life Community, Spirituality intern

In exploring all that Santa Clara’s Jesuit heritage has to offer, Santa Clara students have the opportunity to dream big with God and engage in the adventure of a rich spiritual life. Campus Ministry supports students to develop spiritual practices, form lifelong friendships, and be of service to a world in need of their vision and contribution. With gratitude, gentleness, and grace, Broncos take time to reflect, connect, and give back.  Campus Ministry accompanies students at every step on their spiritual journey. 


Your gifts to Campus Ministry on this Day of Giving preserve our Catholic and Ignatian heritage while promoting an ever-more inclusive campus -- and world. 


Will you support Believing, Belonging, and Becoming at Santa Clara University? Go all in for Campus Ministry on March 4!

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All gifts made to Campus Ministry on the Day of Giving will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 by Michele Barnett Gaskill ’02!
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