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Jesuit School of Theology

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Your support for the Jesuit School of Theology makes our graduate theological education more accessible to the next generation of ministers throughout the world. JST scholarships help fund an education that equips students to become leaders in their communities by upholding their identity and religious heritage while faithfully engaging the issues that impact those communities. During this Day of Giving, support the education of the future leaders of the Church!

JST Challenge: Every 25 donors will unlock a portion of an additional pledged gift for the Jesuit School of Theology!

“I am committed to dedicating my life to teaching theology and enriching the lives of my students, just as my professors have enriched mine. My aspiration is to share with my students all that I have learned. This would not be possible without the generous help of donors like you, for whom I am most grateful.”

— Shuk Miu (Lisa) Hui

Bronco Support in the U.S. & Around the World
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 83
2 OR 3
3 IL 2
Total Dollars Raised
Total dollars raised by a participating group
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $974,139.05
2 Santa Clara Law $600,684.00
3 School of Engineering $457,795.00
4 Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship $298,649.00
5 Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education $219,070.00
Jesuit School of Theology Challenge #1
45 gifts have been made to JST unlocking a $25k gift from an anonymous donor. Let's keep this going with challenge #2!
45 / 45 Gifts
Jesuit School of Theology Challenge #2
Wow! $10k from Fran Harvey was unlocked for JST! 2 more challenges to go!
65 / 65 Gifts
Jesuit School of Theology Challenge #3
Congratulations, the third JST challenge has been completed! Thank you to donors Jim and Laura Hulburd for the $10k challenge to JST. One more challenge to go!
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